Eifelchinchillas Thornton Our breeding aims

Our breeding aim is to breed high quality animals for show. As with any breeding program we have surplus from time to time which are sold to breeders and pet homes. We focus on the qualities outlined by the various show criteria in Europe. But above all we select for health and robustness. Rather than starting from scratch we strive to continue the work of other successful breeders.
We visit multiple international shows every year to track our progress and in order to keep in contact with other breeders and exchange experiences.

We breed exclusively with pure standards because only pure standards can maintain their quality through generations. We have our own standard breeding program in order to supply standards for our mutations.
In addition to purity in our standards we ensure that no mutation genes are in the ancestors that we do not require for the breeding for example wilson whites bred via pink whites are not used for further breeding.

To enable us to keep as many of our own offspring as possible as well as to keep reserves to protect the line from unexpected losses we have chosen to specialise in whites. With limited resources we do not believe it is possible to breed all colours in highest possible quality. We believe that is better to do something well than everything badly.

In order to achieve our breeding aims we raise most whites until the age of 6-8 months before we make a decision wether the animal is to be sold or kept for further breeding. Before this age a fair and objective judgement of the animals is not possible. A number of the show animals are sold after the show season in February / March. It is therefore advisable to register interest in advance if you want to purchase one of our breeding quality animals.